12 Gauge Sterlingworth Barrel Lengths:

26”    =    $375.00        29.5” =    $450.00                

Buying your A.H. FOX Shotgun Kit is three simple steps:

12 Gauge Graded Barrel Lengths:

- Complete Original A.H. Fox Shotgun Kits -


A Chance To Build The Gun And Grade You Want.

26”    =    $299.00        28”    =    $299.00        29.5” =    $399.00 *       

1.  Choose your Gauge:

16 Gauge Graded Barrel Lengths:

12 Gauge Ejector Kit        =    $2,756.00  + barrels      12 Gauge Extractor Kit     =    $2,248.00  + barrels     16 Gauge Ejector Kit        =    $3,998.00  + barrels       

28”    =    $375.00

​                                                    * Limited Quantity 

Each Kit comes with everything you need to build a complete gun: receiver, your choice of barrels  and wood, buttplate, gripcap and barrel beads, and one complete set of all small parts, mechanics, internals, etc. 

One Complete Set of Parts With Each Kit Ordered

2. Choose AND ADD your Barrel Length and Style:

These receivers were manufactured between 1900 and 1940 - there are no more of them.  Each receiver has all channels cut, all holes drilled and tapped, hinge pins w/extractor cams fit, trigger plates fit, top levers w/ guides and nuts fit.  They are ready to begin installing and functioning the internals. There are no original markings.  There are two styles of 12 gauge receivers available, early/conventional top tang, and the later draw bolt style w/rear tang spacer.  Will ship to FFL only.  All parts except the buttplates and trigger guards are original manufacture.  Buttstocks and forends are all American Black Walnut and are from the first half of the 20th century.

New Original Manufacture A.H. Fox Shotgun Parts Kits available.  

Limited numbers of 12 and 16 gauge, Ejector or Extractor, Graded or Sterlingworth styles.

16 Gauge Sterlingworth Barrel Length:

28”    =    $325.00 (SP Style Only)         30”    =    $550.00 *                                 32”    =    $1,750.00  *

3. Email with your order and questions:  jason@ahfoxparts.com

**It is obvious to the reader and purchaser that the building, assembly, fit, finish and function of these parts, barrels, and/or guns is only to be undertaken by highly skilled and qualified Gunsmiths that possess an FFL and specialize in side by side double shotguns.  Failure to comply with this, or an attempt to build or alter any firearm by an unqualified individual can result in serious bodily injury, death, and direct liability.**

This the chance to own and build** one of the very last original A.H. Fox guns with all original receivers, barrels, wood, and components to be made.  Please call or email for questions or ordering.