Butt Plates, Grip Caps & Screws                                               Miscellaneous Forend, Ejector, and Barrel parts

Single Barrel Trap Parts

Many thousands of Factory screws in original parts bins:

**It is obvious to the reader and purchaser that the building, assembly, fit, finish and function of these parts, barrels, and/or guns is only to be undertaken by highly skilled and qualified Gunsmiths that possess an FFL and specialize in side by side double shotguns.  Failure to comply with this, or an attempt to build or alter any firearm by an unqualified individual can result in serious bodily injury, death, and direct liability.**

Samples of Barrels & Original Parts Bins:

- Grip Caps -  Have original Graded and Sterlingworth Grip Caps, and original Grip Cap Screws. Prices are $25 for Grip Caps.

-Reproduction Hard Rubber Butt Plates -  Price $40. 

This resource represents a good quantity and wide selection of nearly all parts for all of the A.H. Fox Guns: all Philadelphia and Savage/Utica Guns, 12, 16, & 20 ga., Graded and Sterlingworth, Extractor and Ejector, including Kautzky Single Trigger Parts and some Single Barrel Trap Parts.

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Samples of Various Parts

- Forend Parts -  Have all other Forend Parts for Extractor and Ejector Forends, both Graded and Sterlingworth, both 12 ga. & 16/20: All Deeley Latch Parts, Screws and Assemblies, Ejector Hammers, Mainsprings, Sears and Sear Springs and Pins, Forend Brackets, Sterlingworth Anchors and Screws - (“SW Ejector Button”), Sterlingworth Latches, Springs, Rollers and Pins.

- Barrel Parts -  12 & 16/20 ga. Extractors, 12 ga. Ejectors - Note: Most Extractors and Ejectors are without rim cuts; 12 ga Extractors w/ rim cuts are available. Ejector/Extractor Screws both sizes, 12 & 16/20 ga.Cocking Slides w/ screws and springs, Sterlingworth Forend Latches w/ pins and springs, several styles of Front Beads: German Silver/Nickel press fit and 4-48, Brass press fit and 3-56, Aluminum 3-56, Aluminum Mid-Bead, and White Mid-Bead. * Also have extra, Late Style Graded and Sterlingworth Forend Loops and Fillers Pre Tinned from Factory for Barrel Repairs.

- A.H. Fox and A.H. Fox Sterlingworth Shotgun Parts For Sale -

- Single Barrel Trap Parts - Have Triggers, Trigger Plates, Hammers, Trips, Mainspring Followers, Ejector Sears, Ejectors, Top Levers, Yokes, Locking Bolts, Trip Release Slide Buttons, Forend Irons, and Vent Rib Spacers.

- Springs -  Have Any and All Original Springs, both Coil and Flats etc., for All of The A.H. Fox Guns.  Prices are $10. - $40. 

- Pins and Screws -  Have nearly Any and All Original Pins and Screws for All of The A.H. Fox Guns including Internal Screws, Action Screws, Forend Screws, Trigger Guard Screws and some limited Butt Plate Screws.  Note: All Action, Trigger Guard, and Forend Iron Screws are in the white and will require fitting, timing, polish, any engraving and finishing. Prices are $5. - $30.

- Receiver Parts -  For Extractor Guns or Ejector Guns, 12 & 16-20 ga.: Hammers and Hammer Assemblies, Sears, All Springs, Spring Followers, All Pins and Screws, Safetys, Safety Push Rods and Safety Slide Assemblies, Top Levers and Top Lever Nuts, Triggers, Trigger Plates, Rotary Bolts, Top Lever Trips, Yokes, Ejector Trips and Bushings, Hinge Pins and Extractor Cams. We do not have Trigger guards.

- Forend Irons -  16/20 ga.: Graded and Sterlingworth Extractor and Ejector types.  12 ga.: Graded and Sterlingworth Extractor and Ejector types.  SP styles: have all.  Prices are $45 - $75.