-Forend wood -  Have several hundred of many styles of Factory Semi-Inlet, Shaped and Non-Finished Forends: Splinter and Beavertail, Extractor and Ejector Style, Graded and Sterlingworth, as well as SP Models. Lengths are: 8 ¼,” - 10 ½.”  This wood is American Black Walnut, mostly Field Grade, in fine shape as turned by the factory decades ago.  Prices are $65 for Splinter and Beavertail.

(518) 352-1977 Eastern Time.


Semi-inlett buttstocks from original inletting machine -ORIGINAL BUTTSTOCKS ARE SOLD OUT, WILL HAVE NEW SEMI-INLETT PROFILED BLANKS SHORTLY, $195.

​​​​- Buttstocks - Have nearly 150 shaped and turned pistol grip American Black Walnut Buttstocks Blanks  with no inletting  (or now available as semi-inlet, below) - see photographs. Like the Forends, this wood also is many decades old, and these stocks are strong, dry, and will work well for any Boxlock or Sidelock shotgun and can be shaped to straight grip if desired.  Straight grained Field Grade, these stocks are unique pieces of American Gunmaking history. 

- New Development -   I have recently been able to acquire Mitzie's old original A.H. Fox inletting machine.  After setup and re-tooling with modern cutters and styluses, the stocks above can be cleanly semi-inlet on the tight/small end of the spectrum to accommodate any Graded or Sterlingworth A.H. Fox receiver.   As an aside, all gauges of the Fox receivers and trigger plate dimensions pertaining to stock inletting dimensions are essentially the same with variations in width averaging .010" - .020" per side, or 1/32"+- overall.  

  This is not minimal tolerance inletting from a duplicating machine using a per gun pattern; it is general  A.H. Fox inletting from the old steel templates used to get you in the ballpark for any Fox receiver; this will be snug for most guns and leaves enough wood for quality work.